10 Unusual Places Where You Can Hide Your Money

We-and this includes everyone from 7 to 70- have reasons to hide money. While it could range from a bizarre reason to protect it from your cunning siblings, an invisible and possibly a non-existent thief ( these sounding from a 7-year old’s shoes) to solid reasons as to safeguarding liquid money from suspecting neighbours ( or even more truthfully your own folks) to an actual thief ( and yes, these being from the old shoes of a 70 year old). While the list could go on, and keep surprising me, let me slide you through some unusual places to hide money that I collected from various sources- friend, family and foe!

Between stairway planks

If your architect did a good job of your secret tile, hold onto that one. Fix up a loose plank that acts as a make shift tiny cupboard to store/hide money. Oh and do make a point to know which tile is which lest you be no worse than the guest!


If washrooms and stairways can serve an ulterior purpose why opt out good, comfy sofa? You could simply nudge in cash through the cut pieces between a sofa or if you wish to go elaborate have a dummy cupboard beneath the sofa.


No, don’t think straight. If washrooms can come with secret tiles and stairways with fake planks and sofas with dummy cupboards then let’s put a little door into a door. Make a little hole in any of the ends and have a fitting key for this too. And of course, lock your money in from unsuspecting eyes!

Curtain rods

Here think straight, with a tinge of creativity. The round empty spaces of your curtain rods would be a little adventurous if the empty holes were to be stuffed with your secret cash.

Inside picture frames

While the picture frames trigger a good past, let the back space of the frame tigger a sly smile from the present! Now that’s some overloaded memory for one frame!

Inside garments

This would come as no surprise I’m guessing. This little trick is as ancient as..well really ancient. Anywhere from a secret jeans pocket to the most obvious bra space, money kept here is indeed very personal!

Phone covers

That crammed space between your phone and your phone cover sounds delicious for a couple of notes, don’t you think?


I decided to go with different boxes and realised that would seem way too many. Nevertheless various boxes serve various needs- and one common one too :

  1. Jewellery box- earring box, bangles box, etc can also stack cash
  2. Make up box- there’s always space for a little something more.
  3. Tampon box- strongly feminine?
  4. Tissue box- hide among the whites.
  5. Watch box- time and money, precious combination indeed!

This list could go on, but you the idea and that’s important.

Home lights

Who would think about this place, never. Just find the best position for your saving and it can last any longer.


Yes, my `the favourite’ of places. A priest one suggested the same, remarking the Bible is trusted to safeguard, for it is only occasionally used and therefore would be a sound money storing space! Well I don’t know if I will toe his line but I have always taken to keeping my extra cash or some important paper documents inside the Bible.

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