The one who deleted Donald Trump’s twitter account finally reveals himself.

Trump’s twitter account was deleted in a total time of 11minutes on Wednesday after posting some warfare videos
The 20+ German man called BAHTIYAR DUYSAK who worked as a contractor at twitter headquarters in San Francisco, US

He worked in customer support service with the trust and safety division.

Bahtiyar told TechCrush that he was near the end of his last day working on twitter when an alert came in about Trump’s account as a final gesture he started the process of deactivating the account then closed his computer to take off and later left the building.

He didn’t expect the process would actually be completed but he says it was un fortunately completed.

@Donald j. Trump
@realDonald trump
My twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. I guess the word must finally be getting out and having an impact.

Twitter later said the deactivation was done by a twitter customer support employee who did that on his last day.
Bahtiyar said he didn’t hack anyone; he didn’t do anything do anything that he wasn’t authorized to do.

“no joke, the internet has nominated the twitter employee who shutdown Trump’s account for the Nobel peace prize”

Twitter declined to confirm that Duysak was responsible for the deletion but said the company has taken a number of steps to keep an incident like this from happening again.

Many took to twitter to praise the former employee on his final job for the company and crown him king…

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