These are pictures that president Trump will hate to see

this president who has met the nightmares, he is believed to be president by name. Some people say he could be sitting at home watching TV, while president was passing by. but i wonder who that president would be. So here are the worst photos of his, which he could possibly hate to see you sharing.

look i wonder where the people are, it was my first time to see empty road while the president of united states is passing by. the people are somewhere, somewhere i don’t know.

this is a cartoon hen made for Trump, who made it… did Trump attempt to see it, don’t share this.

uuuhhhh….don’t speak out. what is he trying to say.

Is this a man who can do more than the others do? yes, he is. US president.

i think trump hates N. Korea’s breaking NEWS. Because that guy’s breaking NEWS is always booommm to USA.

look at all this people on the road, president Trump will hate to see it; you know why? because this guy is having more people on the road than he does when he is passing by.

ooh look at this too, have you ever had what Trump says? “I can do more than anybody else does” he says. but look how much people Trump can not have while power rangers does.


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